Make Your Yard Look Its Best with the Right Sod

It’s easy to dismiss sod. After all, sod is just like that grass that grows on your garden and your landscape, and it’s really easy to just focus on the flowers and other plants, especially trees and really take a sod for granted. Well, you’re more than welcome to do this, but if you really want your yard to look its best, you have to pay attention to your choice of sod. Because like it or not, the overall impact on the look of your garden also impacts the maintenance and amount of attention you need to pay to your garden throughout the year. Keep the following factors in mind.

The right sod makes your other plants look good

Depending on what your other plants, you should be very discriminating as to your sod choices because certain sod varieties make your other plants look awkward or take away some of their glory. The best sod choice of course is sod that really plays up the great qualities of your plants. If you’re planting a lot of flowers, you want sod that doesn’t hog the spotlight. You want sod that redirects the attention towards the vibrant mix of colors that your flowers bring to the table.

Sod is “compositional elements” in yard design

When you’re designing a yard, you should look at it really like painting a picture. Every element has to play its role. Every element has to be placed just right. Every element has to be selected for maximum effect. Nothing should be free floating or randomly selected because it can really ruin the whole composition.

Sod is a compositional element in this respect because if you pick the wrong kind of sod, it might just take away the effect of the other compositional elements, and as a result; your yard doesn’t look as hot as it should. The worst part of it is that you know that it could look better, but you just can’t seem to point your finger on to what change you need to do to make your yard look its best. In most cases, sod is that compositional element that can really take things up to a notch or drag things down.

Different sod choices offer different moods

Since sod comes in different shades and hues, it’s really important to look at sod choices in terms of the kind of moods they bring to the table. Just as different colors trigger different emotional responses, the different hues of sod as well as the different colors that they give off at certain growth stages can really alter the mood of your landscape.

Boost optimal yard maintenance with the right sod varieties

While great-looking sod makes for the best choices, you also have to factor in the sod varieties that you select because certain varieties require different levels of care. Some varieties really grow out and become wooly very quickly and require a high level of maintenance. Others tend to grow more slowly, and you can get away with a lower level of effort. So you also need to factor in the kind of maintenance regimen you’re prepared to undertake for your yard when selecting a sod.