Need a Low Maintenance Lawn?

Many homeowners work diligently to maintain a beautiful, lush green yard. However, it is no secret that those yards need a great deal of time, money, water, and effort in order to look so attractive. Perhaps you can’t provide that type of commitment to your yard, or maybe you’re just looking for something a bit simpler. A ground cover is an alternative to a traditional lawn that reduces the need for so much time, money, and energy while simultaneously adding depth and beauty to your home landscape.

The Perennial Peanut

Originating from tropical South America, the perennial peanut is a groundcover that thrives in warm climates since it evolved in tropical conditions. Believe it or not, when it was introduced to Brazil in 1936, the perennial peanut proved to be immune to disease, insects, and pests. Even after introduction, the ground cover didn’t spread into uninvited areas or become a nuisance plant. Instead, it has provided attractive ornamental groundcover that is resistant to drought, pests, and pathogens, thus saving homeowners a great deal of money and minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

Perennial peanut is becoming very popular in Florida since the state is suffering from such water problems. You can find it growing in medians with small yellow flowers during the growing season.


Clover has received a rather unfair reputation as a weed, but in reality white clover an inexpensive, durable groundcover that offers a sweet aroma and grows well in just about any type of soil. Since it stays green during periods of drought, it’s perfect for southern states in need of a more environmentally friendly option. Better yet, clover doesn’t need to be fertilized at all or mowed more than once every month or so.

Grass turf is beautiful, and Americans will always enjoy their love affair with impeccably green and manicured grass, but these groundcover alternatives are just as appealing!