Fresh Sod Installation in Riverview

Whether you are buying a new home with a blank landscape, or you are a long-time Riverview resident looking for a fresh start for your lawn, there are some excellent reasons to choose our fresh sod. 

Our sod is grown in well-controlled conditions on our Tampa region farm. When the sod is purchased and ready to be installed, it is removed from the soil and rolled much like carpet. The sod includes not just the grass, but also all of the roots of the grass and about an inch of the topsoil to keep it alive during transit and installation.

Our fresh sod can be delivered to your commercial or residential property.  If you have trees, shrubs, a garden plot, or other landscaping features, the sod will be cut to work around these items.

Types of Fresh Sod for Installation in Riverview

Because Riverview is in the area, we carry all of the grass varieties suitable for the Tampa region. Choosing the right variety of grass depends on several things, including how much maintenance you are willing to do, how green you want your lawn and the ecosystem of your lawn and local neighborhood.

Some of the varieties we carry for Riverview properties include:

  • Empire Zoysia
  • Celebration Bermuda
  • Provista St. Augustine, as well as other similar varieties
  • Native Seashore Paspalum
  • Bahia

We can help you determine the best grass for your landscaping needs. We will help you find the right sod by assessing your local ecosystem in general, and your yard’s ecosystem specifically. You can also choose the type of grass for your sod installation based on features such as mowing frequency, drought resistance, watering requirements, and how well it holds up to your use of it. 

Contact us today to discuss your Riverview fresh sod needs.