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Seed vs Sod

st augustine grassSo many of the lawn care practices our Northern neighbors are well versed in do not work here in Florida.  Up North using seed to start your new lawn works quite well and is so much simpler than sodding.  So they move to Florida, go to the local DIY store to pick up some seed.  The DIY store is more than happy to take their money for seed that, as a general rule will not grow in Florida at least not year round.  The simple fact is seed is not a good option and the larger DIY stores just don’t care or are not aware that this is not a good solution for your Florida Lawn.  Warm season grasses are all progagated from rhizomes (underground stems) and stolons (surface runners).  St Augustine can not be bought in a seed, nor can hybrid Bermudas and Zoysias suited for the Tampa area.  So next time they tell you to buy a bag of lawn seed for patching your yard beware.  The only available seed that does well in Florida is common Bermuda and Bahia but these are tough to get established in our landscapes and generally not used in a manicured landscape.  Sod will give you instant appeal and will generally last longer than the next season before needing replacement.  Have a wonderful fall!