Fresh Sod Growers Near St. Pete

Are you needing new grass on your lawn? Fresh sod gives your lawn an instant transformation, but where you get your sod really does make a difference. 

Some of the advantages of our Fresh Sod include:

  • Professionally grown with expert knowledge and years of experience for healthier grass
  • Strong roots that can survive easily in the one inch of topsoil while they take hold in your soil
  • Has been adequately irrigated, fertilized, and harvested
  • Grown in fertile and healthy soil that is naturally found in the area

Sod that meets all of these requirements is necessary for your lawn to be perfect and easy to maintain. By starting with healthier grass and roots, you are more likely to have a beautiful lawn that lasts many years with careful and routine maintenance. By purchasing locally grown sod, you are ensuring that the turf you have in your lawn is the best for the climate and ecosystem of the area.

As professional Tampa sod growers, we are in a unique position to offer you the best, healthiest, perfect grass sod for your St. Pete property. Our growing, harvesting, and installation methods mean that you have a foundation for long-lasting health and beauty.

Grass Sod Varieties

We offer several varieties of grass sod for your St. Pete lawn. Which one you choose depends on your personal maintenance requirements, your soil type and exact location in St. Pete, your landscaping features, the amount of traffic your grass will see, and other factors. If you aren’t sure which variety is right for you, we can assess your property and needs and find the best solution.

Some of the varieties we offer include:

  • Empire Zoysia
  • Perennial Peanut
  • Scotts ProVista St. Augustine, as well as other similar varieties
  • Several varieties of Bermuda grass

If you are ready to take the next steps in ordering fresh sod for your St. Pete property, contact us today.