Top 5 Types of Grass for Optimal Performance in Hot, Summer Months

5 Types of Grass
5 Types of Grass

Top 5 Types of Grass for Optimal Performance in Hot, Summer Months

If you could describe Florida (or the entire Southeast US) in two words, they would be hot and humid. Lawns are under constant assault by harsh weather conditions, ranging from mildly droughty to moist, oppressive heat. So when you’re spending thousands on landscaping to have the nicest yard on the block, you want to make sure the grass types you choose will stand up to the elements. Here are our top 5 types of grass that thrive in the blistering hot Florida sun. 

St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine grass is the gold standard for grass in Florida and flourishes in many Floridian yards, near the coast and further inland. With origins in the Gulf of Mexico, this native grass blossoms under both extreme heat and milder temps. This coarse-leaf grass comes in colors from medium green to blue-green. 

It is the most shade tolerant of all the warm-season turfgrass and holds up well to moderate traffic. It will even stay green through the winter months with minimal water, but it needs good air circulation to prevent disease. 


Bermudagrass is the most well-known and widely used of all the warm-season turfgrasses and can be found worldwide. It thrives in the hot sun and needs it for optimal growth. In addition, Bermudagrass responds quickly to watering after a dry spell and stands up to heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for athletic fields. 

Bermudagrass requires more frequent mowing than most grasses, but its salt tolerance is higher than most grasses, making it ideal for coastal areas. We carry Celebration, Tifway 419, and Bimini Bermudagrass varieties.


Its name isn’t the only thing luxurious about Zoysiagrass. This slow-growing turfgrass takes longer to establish than the other grasses but provides a thick, lush carpet of green grass and requires (less mowing )minimal mowing! 

Zoysiagrass withstands both full sun and shade but doesn’t care much for drought conditions. This makes it perfect for the hot, humid summers here in Tampa Bay! We carry Empire Zoysiagrass, which is the superior variety of Zoysiagrass for the Florida climate.


Have a high-traffic area with poor soil in full sun? You should consider Bahia grass, also known as Field grass in Florida. While it may not be the most visually appealing turfgrass, Bahiagrass grows a deep, abundant root system that thrives in infertile, dry, sun-baked soil. It’s also disease and pest-resistant. The only thing Bahia grass doesn’t like is shade! Our Bahia grass is harvested directly from cow pastures and sent straight to your door.

Native Seashore Paspalum

Looking for grass with the highest salt tolerance? The Native Seashore Paspalum, also known as “salt grass,” is the one for you. As the name implies, this grass is native to Florida, and just like most Floridians, it loves the sun, salt, and sand. This grass does great in full sun places that flood frequently with saltwater, such as the beachfront or wetlands. It’s also used frequently in bioremediation and dune stabilization projects as it requires minimal maintenance. 

Our experts here at Fresh Sod would love to help you find the best turfgrass for your project and within your budget. 

Whether you’d like rich, plushy Empire Zoysiagrass for your backyard or need some low-maintenance Paspalum saltgrass for your beach house, we’ve got you covered.