3 Reasons that Fall is The Best Time to Install Sod

As summer turns to fall, plants and grasses in northern states are busy preparing for their winter hibernation as temperatures start to cool, making sod installation a difficult task beyond September. But that’s not the case in Florida!

Florida’s unique climate makes it possible to install sod nearly all year long, and growth can take place any time. In fact, the autumn and early winter are the perfect times to install new sod in your Florida yard.

Less Vulnerability to Insects and Diseases

Florida has its fair share of plant diseases, pests, and insects. From fungal diseases and brown patches to cutworms and chinch bugs, turf grass can become vulnerable to a variety of problems. Sod installation is ideal during the autumn and early winter because the majority of those bugs and illnesses pose less of a threat to new grass.   

Autumn Welcomes the Rain

Florida is also known for its hot and humid weather. Fortunately, it’s common for the fall season to bring about some rain when the weather gets cooler. This rain is exactly what your new sod needs to really thrive. Rather than risking installing your sod during a summer heatwave, wait until the safer and easier cool weather.

Protect Disease Prone Shade-Tolerant Sods

Fall is the time of year that sod farms like Council Grower’s Sod in Tampa, Florida begin to harvest popular shade-tolerant grasses like St. Augustine. Many homeowners prefer St. Augustine sod because it thrives in nearly all well-draining soil types, tolerates extreme summer heat, and keeps its color even at lower temperatures.

However, St. Augustine is prone to disease when installed in the high temperatures and humidity of summer. If you have a shady area on your lawn that you want to sod with St. Augustine grass, autumn is the time to do it!

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