Why Is Fall a Great Time to Install Sod?

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14725599 10157584586385510 3989893793316589766 n The weather has finally turned in Florida, replacing hot and humid weather with cooler, more comfortable temperatures. It’s a common misconception among homeowners that home improvement projects like sod installation cannot occur this time of year due to the chill in the air, but that’s far from true!

In fact, fall is the perfect time of year to transform your curb appeal with new sod. There are many benefits that make it appealing to invest in sod before the holiday season.

Protection From Insects and Diseases

Florida’s hot and humid climate encourages unwanted plant diseases, insects, and pests. If you install your shade-tolerant sod grass over the summer, you are more likely to experience problems like fungal diseases, brown patches, cutworms and chinch bugs. Sod installation is ideal during the autumn and early winter because the majority of those bugs and illnesses pose less of a threat to new grass.

More Rain Nourishes Your Sod

Florida’s autumn rain is exactly what your new sod needs to really thrive. Rather than risking installing your sod during a summer heatwave, wait until the safer and easier cool weather. This provides the added perk of keeping your water bill low during the first few months that your sod requires extra water to grow and plant its roots.

Easier to Install Shade-Tolerant Grasses

Fall is the time of year that sod farms like Council Grower’s Sod in Tampa, Florida begin to harvest popular shade-tolerant grasses like St. Augustine. Many homeowners prefer St. Augustine sod because it thrives in nearly all well-draining soil types, tolerates extreme summer heat, and keeps its color even at lower temperatures. This sod is known for its lovely blue-green hue that perfectly complements a coastal home. By installing it in the fall, it is less vulnerable to diseases that could compromise the sod’s integrity.

Find Sod Direct From the Farm

It’s important to purchase sod grown with the highest level of professionalism and grower knowledge. Council Grower’s Sod in Tampa, Florida grows, delivers, and installs sod that is always cut the day of or the afternoon before it is installed. Call (813) 633-8665 to order your sod from your local sod farm today.