Benefits of Natural Lawn for You and the Environment

Benefits of Natural Lawn
Benefits of Natural LawnBenefits of Natural Lawn for You and the Environment

Benefits of Natural Lawn for You and the Environment

Everyone wants a lush, green lawn that is the envy of the entire block. Nothing else has quite the feel of thick, full grass under your feet. But did you know that there are more benefits to using natural grass than just making the neighbors jealous? Natural lawns are easier to care for, thrive better, and are good for the environment.

Cuts Air Pollution

So grass can do more than just grow? Yes, much more. Grass, just like any plant, produces life-giving oxygen and traps carbon dioxide, the main climate change culprit. That carbon dioxide is then sequestered into the soil, converting into organic matter that is used to grow more…you guessed it…grass! In fact, a 50 square foot lawn makes enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe every day.

Reduces Cooling Costs

A well-maintained natural lawn can also reduce your home energy bill. Grass offsets 50% of solar heat through cooling evaporation. That translates into a 10-14 degree reduction in the surface air temp above the lawn versus bare soil, and less cooling needs for surrounding homes. In addition to bringing your electric bill down, cooler temperatures on your lawn’s surface can also keep you and your family safe. If you choose artificial turf for your lawn, your lawn air surface temperature may soar up to 37 degrees higher than asphalt! These scorching surface temps can cause severe burns on the hottest days, which is why sports teams are gradually moving away from using artificial grass and back to natural options.

Decreases Water-Cycle Pollution

Grass doesn’t just offset carbon pollution but also helps purify rainwater and groundwater, eliminating toxic acidic runoff into nearby streams, lakes, or ponds. The grass acts as a natural filter, breaking down pollutants in rainwater as it passes through the grass’ root system. This has been shown to reduce the acidity of resulting groundwater by up to 90%.

Exceptionally hard rainfalls can cause major stormwater runoff in areas with no grass or artificial turfs. Thick, healthy natural grass lawns allow much less runoff into storm sewers and encourage natural absorption of rainwater back into the soil and aquifers.

Improves the Soil

A new trend in natural landscaping is grass-cycling. While the idea of recycling brings on moans and groans from many people, grass-cycling is actually easier than traditional mulching techniques. The procedure couldn’t be easier! Simply cut your grass, and then leave the clippings where they lie. That’s right – no more bagging up millions of tiny grass clippings just to throw in the garbage. Those clippings will deposit tons of essential nutrients back into your soil, making your grass grow even thicker and lusher than ever! Can’t stand the sight of grass clippings all over the yard? Try using them to mulch flower beds or other areas that could use a fertilizer boost.

Boosts Physical & Mental Health

It’s no wonder that almost every rehabilitation facility in the US has incorporated some form of outdoor natural grass area into their treatment programs. Natural grass in outdoor spaces can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension, improve focus, and bring on general feelings of happiness. All the health benefits of being around natural grass landscapes are still being explored and discovered.

The benefits of a natural grass lawn are many. Not only is being surrounded by a rich, thick, gorgeously green yard good for you, it’s also good for the environment and everyone around you. So pass on the fake stuff and keep your lawn all-natural with quality sod from Tampa’s premier sod farm, Council Growers Sod. We have served the Tampa Bay area since the early ’80s, taking pride in making our part of central Florida clean and green. Buy direct from our farm today by calling (813) 633-8665 or visiting us online at