Best Sod for Outdoor Sports

Best Sod for Outdoor Sports It’s not just residential homes that need sod; it’s sports fields and stadiums as well. Many professional and collegiate stadiums have made headlines by investing in sod over grass seed or artificial turf for outdoor sports. 

Choosing the right blends of grass can greatly affect the results you achieve in your fields. For example, while blends that include Kentucky Bluegrass and ryegrass are often preferred in cool-season zones, these kinds of sod blends aren’t generally considered to be appropriate in hot or humid climates like Florida. 

For this reason, many stadiums and sports fields prefer to take advantage of the unique benefits of Bermudagrass. 


Bermudagrass is a fan favorite for outdoor sports because it has the beautiful appearance of golf course grass. Bermudagrass is perhaps most famously used on the field at Bucks’ stadium.

This type of sod offers many important benefits that make it perfect for outdoor sports, including golf, baseball, football, and more, especially in hot, humid southern states like Florida. 

The Benefits of Bermudagrass

Drought and heat tolerance are two of the key reasons to consider this grass. In drought studies in San Antonio, Texas, Celebration Bermudagrass was the number one rated grass after no irrigation and no rainfall for 60 days. Even after an additional 30 days with irrigation being provided, the Bermudagrass still had the best color of all.

In addition to drought tolerance, Bermudagrass is also known for its dark blue-green color and ability to withstand foot traffic. If heavy athletic use damages Bermudagrass, it can repair itself quickly and resist the attack of disease and insects. 

What Kinds of Fields Can Use Bermudagrass?

The uses for Bermudagrass are expansive, especially in Florida. Bermudagrass can be used for baseball, football, and soccer fields, due to its ability to withstand shortcuts and high traffic. It can even be used on golf courses, both on the fairway and on the green. As hardy, durable grass, it is easy for stadium managers and lawn maintenance crews to keep this grass healthy throughout the year.

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