Can You Completely Automate Your Sprinkler System?

34198353 s Do you enjoy connecting and automating all of your devices and home features? If so, you have probably wondered more than once if you can automate your sprinkler system the same way. The short answer is yes—but you need to keep a few things in mind for it to work right.

Make sure you get one with the right features—like rain sensors.

One of the pitfalls of buying products online instead of locally is that you get options advertised to you that are not actually appropriate for your region. You may be able to find a ton of cheap automated sprinkler systems, but they might not have features you need for Florida’s tropical climate.

The biggest key feature you want for automating your sprinkler system is rain sensors. These automatically detect when your lawn has gotten enough water from rain and the sprinkler cycle should be skipped.

Get a system that works with a phone app.

If you’re going to automate, you might as well go all the way. Getting a system that works with a phone app on your phone gives you ultimate control over your sprinkler system, even remotely, while still automating much of the system. 

Everything in your home has to be reviewed once in a while.

Even though you can completely automate your irrigation system, you should keep in mind that adjustments and other issues can arise over time, requiring hands-on maintenance. You should make it a point to go over your settings and do an efficiency check every so often depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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