Is Your Rain Sensor Overwatering Your Lawn?

39103082 s The technology we have today is amazing. Almost everything in your life can be completely automated, adjusted, and put in your pocket. This extends even to lawn maintenance. 

The latest irrigation systems offer automated features such as rain sensors that determine when to turn on your sprinklers, but the automation goes even beyond the traditional timers and newer sensors. These sprinkler systems can actually connect with your smartphone and other devices so that you can manage and monitor your lawn’s irrigation in real-time.

But are the rain sensors in your irrigation system doing more harm than good? If you don’t have them set properly or if they are outdated and no longer working correctly, it could put your grass in danger of overwatering. This could cause sod to become diseased, killing the grass. 

For that reason, it is extremely important that you “audit” your automated sprinkler system at least every few months. If you have an older system that doesn’t connect to a phone app, you should check your system and make adjustments once a month or with major weather changes. 

If your sod has already become oversaturated, the damage may already be done. Contact us today so we can discuss if your grass can be saved; and if not, how to get it replaced with fresh sod.