The Most Common Insects and Diseases That Kill Lawns

There are a lot of different weeds, insects, and diseases that can kill your Florida lawn. You might think you only have to worry about such things in the hot, humid, rainy season, but the fact of the matter is that the colder months between November and February can be just as detrimental to the future health of your lawn. Also, some insects or diseases are easiest fought in the winter. Insects that make turf weak and susceptible to weeds are numerous, but there are two primary insects that cause a problem in these cooler months. The first is the mole cricket. This insect doesn’t look like much, but it can eat away at your grass very quickly. They are actually most active in the cooler months, so that’s when you’ll need to prepare to battle them.

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What are Those Pests in Your Lawn?

For all of the careful maintenance and attention that you devote to your sod, you can’t always prevent pests and bugs from infiltrating your yard. However, learning to recognize the bugs and familiarizing yourself with the best treatment options available, you can take back power over your yard and enjoy your view without any damaging bugs in sight. The Chinch Bug Is your grass turning yellow or reddish-brown? If so, it could be under attack by chinch bugs. These incredibly tiny bugs are difficult to spot, but the damage they cause is obvious. Chinch bugs only measure about ⅕” long with black bodies and white wings across their backs. Unfortunately, they view your lawn as their dinner, so even if you cut, water, and fertilize your sod exactly like you should, chinch bugs can still cause trouble. They will suck your grass blades dry and inject a poison that kills the blades. This tends to cause damage in patches that end up looking like they are suffering from drought. A professional pest control service is the best way to stop chinch bugs in their tracks.

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