Fresh Sod is the Best Way to Repair Your Lawn

When you are ready to begin landscaping your new home, a great place to start is the lawn. Even if you are redoing an existing yard, the lawn is the perfect place to begin. Once you lay sod, you see instant results. It is like putting a fresh coat of paint on a room. Everything else instantly looks better. You might even decide that the garden looks pretty good when you see it next to your freshly sodded lawn!

This is an important reason to choose sod instead of seed. It will take about one year to establish a seeded lawn. If you choose to seed, you will not only lose the joy of stepping out, in your bare feet, onto a freshly sodded lawn, but you will have the tedium of having to water, fertilize, and re-seed bare spots all summer long. You will also be tracking mud and seed into your house on a regular basis. Chasing hungry little birds scrounging for seed will become an everyday occurrence.

Save Water and Time

When you have a newly sodded lawn, you will need to water it regularly. However, if you miss one day, it won’t die. On the other hand, if you have a newly seeded lawn, and you miss one day of watering (especially if it is a very hot day) it could die. That’s a lot of unnecessary pressure. Furthermore, you will spend a lot of time tending a newly seeded lawn. The seeds will puddle after a heavy rain, and the aforementioned birds will eat them. You will have to re-seed small patches to make sure you don’t have bald spots.

Once your fresh sod is firmly in place, you will not have to worry about weeds. Most sod is 99% weed free. That will allow you more time to enjoy your new yard, and less time mixing and spraying caustic chemicals and herbicides.

Instant Gratification

Fresh, lush sod is the perfect answer for lawns in today’s fast-paced world. With instant downloads, and telecommuting, we have very little time to slow down and enjoy our little corner of nature. Waiting a year to see results, when it is not beneficial in the long run anyway, seems a poor way to spend that year. Therefore, when it comes to your new grass, choose sod, and enjoy the instant gratification of a beautiful, healthy, lush lawn.