Green Roofing: The Future of Sod?

As we face growing concerns surrounding the human impact on the environment, there may be one solution to all our climate woes… sod. All joking aside, while sod probably isn’t the answer to our global problems, it has a very eco-friendly future. Green roofing, as the name entails, is the process of installing vegetation on your roof. It has been used for centuries in Iceland to insulate and protect domiciles and is making a mark on the United States as well.

Beyond The Shire

Insert your Hobbit jokes here. Green roofs may be a movement no one can stop. Community rooftop gardens and the like have been fashionable in big cities cramped for space. This could be an evolution of the same desire to live a life closer to nature. However, the trend isn’t tied to the metro. Green Roof Technology has created infrastructure plans for suburban homes as well.

Environmental Impact

Working out of Baltimore, Green Roof Technology created one of the first green roof project in the U.S., and it was a great success. The community and environmental impact is astounding as it greatly reduces the negative runoff that can affect sewer systems and create a toxic environment. By working with architects and contractors, they create a balanced system incorporating solar panels and other eco-friendly tools to lower the environmental impact of building.

Seeing Green

While it is still in its infancy, green roofing could be the next step toward sustainability. Sod could make its mark above ground for the first time in its history. Imagine having a beautiful garden sitting atop your suburban home, or open parks atop city buildings. The possibilities are endless if we work together in a positive direction. Perhaps hobbit holes will leave the fantasy world (of New Zealand) and become a suburban staple.