How Much Water Does My Grass Need?

Many people are surprised at how little water their grass needs. In fact, your turf does not need to be watered every day, or maybe even every week. How much you water your lawn depends on several factors, including municipal restrictions, weather patterns, and type of grass. Here’s what you need to know to water your lawn appropriately.

How Much Water Does Grass Need?

Water is necessary for grass to thrive; but if you water too much you can flood and kill the root systems, so it is important not to water too much. As a general rule, you want no more than ¾ inches of water delivered to your lawn, no more than twice a week, at least in the spring. You may need to water more frequently in the drier winter months.

Rains and Sprinklers

If you are smart in your lawn maintenance, you probably have a sprinkler or other irrigation system for your lawn. These are usually pre-programmed to turn on and off automatically when needed. However, if it rains, your lawn will not need that much additional water. It is important to reprogram your sprinkler or manually prevent a cycle if your lawn just received a lot of water from rains.

Getting Help

If you need assistance in determining the best time and amount of water for your lawn, we can help. When you buy fresh sod from our company, we will help you determine the best way to maintain your lawn so that you don’t have to replace your sod again anytime soon. Contact us today for more information