How Often Will I Need to Mow My Yard?

40449026 s As spring arrives, Florida grasses begin to grow very quickly. Between the warmer weather and spring rains, your grass is going to grow the most from April to June. This could mean more frequent mowings than during the rest of the year. But how often will you actually have to mow your yard? It depends on the weather and the type of grass you have. 

For most yards, mowing once a week is generally sufficient. If there is a lot of rain one week causing increased growth, you may need to mow twice a week. However, you shouldn’t mow while the grass is wet to protect your lawn care equipment. You should also avoid letting grass get too high before mowing so that you have less wear on your lawn mower.

There are some other dangers to waiting too long to mow your grass. If you let your grass get too high, it can invite pests, small rodents, and insects to invade your yard, and eventually penetrate into your home where they can cause big problems. It is best to keep your grass reasonably short for these reasons. You also likely have regulations for your city or homeowner’s association as to the acceptable height of grass.

However, there are also dangers to mowing your lawn too short. If you mow too short, your sod will have to spend all of its resources to grow new blades. This takes resources away from the roots, which can weaken root systems and eventually kill your grass. You should mow your grass to no lower than a height of one to three inches depending on the type of turf.

If you need assistance in determining the best sod for your lawn based on your ability to upkeep the lawn, we can help. Some grasses take less care than others. Contact us today for more information.