How Much Watering is Enough for Your Sod?

Watering the lawn can be a tricky business, especially when trying to predict the needs of your sodded lawn.

The rules for watering change based upon the age and type of your sod. When sod is first installed, you need to water it every single day for four weeks in order to help it root and establish itself. You can then decrease to every other day for four weeks, after which time an interval schedule is acceptable. But what intervals are best? These tips will help you determine exactly when and how you’ll be using your sprinklers.

How Much Water? It may sound counter-intuitive, but established sod is actually healthier with a bit less water. This is because lawns can develop deep, healthy roots when they are only watered as needed. A vibrant root system improves drought sustainability, pest control, and disease prevention.

Automatic or Manual? Automatic irrigation is a busy homeowner’s best friend and can work wonders for a lawn when used correctly. But this method can also use more water than necessary. Over-watering causes problems just like under-watering can, including fungus, disease, and flooding. It’s best to water your sod manually during the rainy season and cooler months. Automatic works best during hot, dry months.

Read The Signs of Your Yard. Just like a baby cries when he is tired and a car thunks when a part needs to be replaced, your yard will show signs of needing water. Paying attention and responding to those signs will help you water your yard the appropriate amount. Signs of thirst in grass include footprints that remain for several minutes, folded blades of grass, and an incoming gray tint to the sod.

What Time of Day is Best? Adding grass watering to your morning routine is the ideal habit for strong, healthy grass. This is because watering before the sun heats up minimizes dryness from evaporation. The sun will soak up the fresh water, doubling as a way to reduce the potential for disease since the grass will not remain soggy for long.

With the right practices, your sod will have your yard looking ready for the cover of Homes and Garden Magazine.