Ideal Sod Types for Florida Landscapes and Lawns

When choosing to lay sod in Florida, it is important to keep in mind Florida’s uniquely hot and humid climate. There are a few different variations of Florida landscape and lawn grasses. Which type of Florida grass is right for you is dependent on your location. Grass is a hearty, resilient plant, but it does need the right conditions to take root and thrive.

Below is a list of the most common types of grass found in Florida.

St. Augustine

St. Augustine Grass is the most widely planted turf grass is in the state of Florida for both residential and commercial properties. It is also common in Texas, and a number of other states in the southern US. This type of grass is native to the Mediterranean and Gulf of Mexico. It experiences vigorous growth in the spring and summer. There are several types of St. Augustine grass:

• Floratam
• Palmetto
• Del-Mar
• Seville

Bahia Grass

Bahia grass is native to Brazil. Its history in the US dates back to 1914, at which time it was useful as a pasture grass. It is common throughout the south, especially where sandy soil is the norm. Bahia is very drought tolerant and good for infertile, sandy soil. Bahia does not fare well in the shade and requires full sun. Keep this in mind when considering grasses. Different types of Bahia grass include:

• Common
• Argentine
• Pensacola
• Paraguay

Zoysia Grass

Zoysia is a resilient variety of grass that has become a common choice for both residential and commercial landscapes. It is adept at growing in a variety of different soils, and has a decently high shade tolerance. Once established, Zoysia is very resistant to weeds and requires less mowing than other types. Types of Zoysia include:

• Meyes
• El Toro
• Empire
• Empress

These are the three most common types of grass used for lawns and landscapes in Florida. They will all fare just as well in other areas of the southern United States. Each type has its own special characteristics and adaptability. Be sure to research which type of grass will work best for your family.