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How to Take Advantage of Cooler Temps to Protect Your Lawn from Weeds

tifway 419 bermudagrass Cooler temps mean that your lawn goes to sleep, just like so many other things in the wintertime. But unfortunately even though your grass is going dormant, other plants thrive on cold temperatures and will take over your lawn if you’re not careful.

The bottom line is that while your grass is dormant and doesn’t need as much care, you still have to keep a watchful eye, take action as soon as the need arises, and keep up with some basic maintenance to keep your lawn healthy even though it’s not in its growing season.


Your lawn is dormant, and that means it’s not really growing much. Why keep mowing if the grass isn’t going to get tall? Mowing actually helps keep the blanket of grass healthy while it is dormant for the winter. Mowing low enough is also important to mow out the weeds as they try to take hold. Mowing is by far the easiest way to get rid of these weeds.


Make sure that you’re not watering your lawn too frequently in the winter time. You shouldn’t need to water it much at all this time of year, and you should have measures in place to move water away from your lawn if it gets too much water naturally.

If you’re not sure what you should do to care for your lawn or if it appears your sod has already died off and needs to be replaced, contact us today for assistance.