Lawn Care and Gardening Tips

Lawn Care and Gardening Tips

Florida isn’t known for cold, chilly weather, but the winter can still wreak havoc on the grass in your yard. Shorter days, weaker sun strength, and lower temperatures combine to cause damage to grass before spring arrives. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to prevent this winterkill and greet spring with a green, healthy lawn. 

Lawn Care and Gardening Tips


Plan for Fertilizer.

It’s tempting to apply one last round of fertilizer before winter sets in, but it must be done strategically based on where you live in Florida. North Florida, of course, has colder temperatures than the rest of the state, so you shouldn’t add fertilizer after September. 

October is the cutoff for Central Florida, where it stays warmer a bit longer. Be sure to use a high potassium fertilizer and skip it altogether if it is too late in the year. Fertilizing too close to winter will actually make your grass more sensitive to the cold and thus more prone to damage. Instead of fertilizing in November, wait until the beginning of spring and apply a round of fertilizer then. 

You won’t risk damaging your grass, and instead you’ll see the turf grow with extra strength. If you live in South Florida, it may very well stay warm long enough to require fertilizer all year round. 

Remember Fungus.

Some types of sod are more susceptible to patch fungus disease than others, like Zoysia, Centipede, and St. Augustine. All you need to do to prevent fungus is avoid too much nitrogen fertilizer and water in the morning; this ensures that the blades of grass don’t remain wet for long periods of time. 

Save Water, But Keep Your Lawn Alive.

A drought is brought on by a lack of rainfall. Without rain or the ability to run your sprinklers more than usual, you’ll need to get creative to keep your lawn alive. 

First, change some of your lawn mowing habits. Set your mower blades at 3 or 3.5 inches for St. Augustines or Bahia, but not for Bermuda or Zoysia. Longer grass provides the roots with shade and increases chances of survival. Also, keep your mower blades nice and sharp. It also helps to add aeration into your regular routine. Aeration places small, uniform holes into the soil below your grass, which in turn makes it easier for water to soak into the ground. 

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