Myths About Sod Debunked

Myths About Sod

Myths About Sod

If you’re debating between buying sod or seed when redoing your lawn, there’s a lot of information out there about the pros and cons of both methods. However, some of that information is not quite accurate, so we’re here to debunk the three most common myths about going with professionally grown sod for your lawn installation project.

Myth #1: Sod is too expensive

Fact: While sod does require a larger up-front investment than seed, the long-term value is undeniable. Since sod is already sprouted and grown in dense patches with minimal weeds and no pests, you’ll be ahead from day one of your sod installation versus trying to use only seed. Sod saves you months of watering, which equals less money in utility bills out of your pocket. Plus, sod has a much better chance of evenly rooting into your lawn, while seeds tend to sprout unevenly and require multiple reseeding attempts to get full coverage.

Myth #2: Sod is bad for the environment

Fact: Rooted in the false idea that sod producers use tons of pesticides and herbicides to control pests and weeds in their sod, many mistakenly believe that the runoff of these chemicals from sod farms is hurting the environment. However, the truth is that modern sod varieties are engineered to grow dense root mats, preventing weeds from breaking through the surface with minimal need for weed killers. Many sod varieties are also engineered to resist common pests, such as the chinch bug. As a result, reputable sod farms with the best growing practices, like Council Growers Sod in Tampa Bay, have less and less need to use chemicals in order to grow premium-quality sod.

Myth #3: Sod takes more work to establish than seed

Fact: As mentioned above, since sod is already sprouted and established before it ever arrives at your property, it reduces the amount of time you’ll spend caring for your lawn by months. Other than the fact that you’ll get to enjoy your sodded lawn much sooner than one from seed, there’s really no difference in the care you must provide.

Hype-Free Sod in Tampa Bay

You can call us at (813) 633-8665 or order your sod online right on our website. We’ll cut it fresh and deliver it straight to your door on the day you plan to install, so it’s never dried out and has the best chance of rooting quickly. Don’t believe the hype? High-quality, Florida-grown sod is the absolute best choice for your Gulf-coast lawn, and Council Growers Sod has all of the sod varieties you’ll need to ensure great coverage, function, and beauty no matter what your soil conditions. For a beautiful, lush, and green lawn by summertime, order your sod from Council Growers Sod in Tampa Bay today!