Preparing for Spring Landscaping

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Does your lawn and landscaping look dead and desolate? If so, it might be time to start thinking ahead about spring landscaping projects. If your lawn is completely brown, it could be that your grass is just dormant. But if the brown is in patches, that is an indicator that the grass is dead or dying. If you have some other landscaping issues in your yard, it could be a problem with the soil or irrigation.

It is important to determine why you need new turf before you plan to get it. If you have poor soil or irrigation, you will need to be able to communicate that to your sod grower so that we can choose the best sod for your lawn’s unique environment.

It is a good idea to start thinking about these plans now. First, if you begin planning now, you can get an idea of how much you are looking to spend and determine how you are going to pay for it. If you have time before you need to get new sod, you can save up the money over the course of a few months and be prepared to plant your sod during the height of spring. 

If, however, you do not have this time available to you, you might need to plan ahead for how you are going to pay to have your lawn sodded. The most common way to get around this is by getting a home improvement or home equity loan from your bank or mortgage provider. This can take time to set up, so make sure that you are starting this process now.

As part of figuring out how you are going to pay for sod installation, you also have to determine how much the sod and installation is going to cost. Getting estimates from us for your sod for your yard can be done at any time. We can help you determine how much sod you need and what type will be best for your lawn. There are no hidden costs when you buy from us. Contact us today for more information or to get started.