Reasons Your Sod is Not Taking Root

Reasons Your Sod is Not Taking Root

Reasons Your Sod is Not Taking Root

It’s been almost a full month since you installed your new sod, and it’s finally the moment of truth. You walk outside and pull up on a corner of sod… only for it to lift up easily with almost no resistance! Unfortunately, the roots haven’t made a good connection with the soil below, and you’re panicking that your new lawn is going to turn into a dead wasteland soon.

But, don’t panic! Below, we go over the top four reasons that new sod doesn’t root. Once you identify the cause of the problem, you can take strategic measures to correct it.

Improperly Prepared Soil

Installing new sod isn’t as easy as just laying pieces of sod over your existing lawn – there is a lot of work that goes into properly preparing an area to receive new sod, including:

  • Clearing weeds, rocks, and debris
  • Removing existing grass
  • Grading
  • Aerating and tilling
  • Installing irrigation

If any of these steps are done incorrectly, your new sod may not take root properly.

Over and Under Watering

When it comes to watering, too much is just as bad as not enough for new sod. New sod has strict watering requirements that must be followed to encourage root penetration. We recommend using an automatic irrigation system for the most precise application.

Mowing Too Short

Many people mistakenly believe that cutting their grass very short will reduce the frequency that they need to mow, but they are actually sabotaging themselves. Cutting any grass too short, but especially new sod, can damage the crown and kill the grass entirely. When you’ve just spent thousands on a new lawn, dead grass is a nightmare scenario!

Using Inferior Sod

If you use unhealthy, dried-out sod from bargain dealers, you’ll end up with uneven patches, dead spots, and hours of repair work. On the other hand, using a local, reputable sod dealer gives your lawn the best chance of establishing quickly. In Tampa Bay, Council Growers Sod is the best choice for all of the sod varieties that grow best here on the Gulf coast. Call us at (813) 633-8665 or order your sod online, and we’ll cut it fresh and deliver it right to your home or project site!