Should I Use Sod for My Lawn?

A lush, green, healthy lawn is a fantastic start to adding curb appeal to any home. A poorly maintained lawn makes the wrong impression – and when it comes to our family, we only want people to think the best. When considering ways to improve the look and feel of your lawn, sod is a fantastic choice when nurturing a lawn from seed is not an option.

There are two primary ways to jumpstart a great new lawn. You can lay sod or you can plant grass seed. Sod can be expensive, but it is a fast and complete way to install a lush, healthy lawn. Laying grass is definitely cheaper, but it takes a lot of work and time.

When considering revitalizing your lawn, it’s important to be educated on your different options.

Instant Lawn

Sod is truly an instant lawn. Once sod has been laid down, the results are instant. Sod comes in rolls of pre-established grass, complete with topsoil and complete root structure. Installers will simply unroll the sod, leaving you with a thick, healthy lawn. For the best experience, be sure to have your sod cut and installed on the same day.

Do not buy a roll of sod from a store, since it has already been cut a day or two in advance. Sod that is more than a day old will find it difficult taking root.


Since sod is brought to you as mature, healthy grass, you only have to worry about maintenance. When laying seed, you need to worry about the entire maturation of the lawn. If you don’t have the time, the resources, or the patience, laying sod is an alternative that will leave you with the look you desire.

Sod is an excellent option for those looking to breathe instant life into their yards. You can save time, effort and elbow grease by installing healthy, lush sod to your lawn. Make sure that your sod is fresh, and have it installed by professionals for the best results.