The Benefits of Choosing Sod

Whether you are ready to install a new lawn for the first time, or you want to restore your existing lawn, you will need to decide between seeding the area and using sod. Preparation for sod is more difficult initially, but the results are worth the extra effort. Once the sod is firmly in place, the only thing left to do is water your beautiful new lawn.

Practicality and Care

Choosing sod instead of seed is a wise choice for many reasons. Sod is well-established, fully mature grass that requires a lot less care than seed. If you are planting your grass on a slope or a hill, sod stays in place, whereas seed tends to run off and puddle at the bottom when it rains hard. Sod also has the distinct benefit of being weed-free. Most mature sod is 99% weed-free. If you are installing new sod, make sure you ask your supplier about this.

Environmental Perks

Sod has many environmental benefits as well. Water requirements are less for new sod than for recently seeded lawns—both an economic savings and environmental benefit. A firmly installed, healthy sod lawn will also prevent soil erosion by wind and rain. Furthermore, the lack of weeds in sod means using fewer herbicides and harsh chemicals, which can end up in the ground water. Healthy lawns also act as efficient purifiers by filtering water that ends up in underground aquifers.

Health and Comfort

A well-established sod lawn absorbs surrounding sound, reducing noise pollution, as well as keeping temperatures lower near your house with natural transpiration cooling. Sod is also a way to increase oxygen production near your home or business, through the grass’ natural process of photosynthesis. Furthermore, the beauty of your lawn will offer a soothing effect on your mood, helping you to relax, which is a definite health benefit.

Instant Results

All these are wonderful reasons to choose sod for your lawn. However, the most persuasive reason to choose sod is probably the fact that you will have immediate results. You won’t have to spend all sorts of money on fertilizers, water, and herbicides. You won’t be tracking mud in your front door all summer, and you won’t have to touch up patches of washed out grass seed. A seeded lawn can take up to a year to be truly established. Sod will give your home an instant face-lift, instantly increasing your property value as well.