Save Your Lawn with Empire Zoysia Sod

Southern states, particularly Florida, face many challenges to achieving naturally growing, aesthetically pleasing grass. If you’re searching for a long-term solution to eliminate your sparse, weed-filled yard, there is a sod variety out there that perfectly matches your lawn’s needs.

In addition to instantly improving the curb appeal of your home, resodding your lawn will thwart dirt and allergens from being tracked into the house, minimize weed growth, and refresh the look of your yard. It stops mud, prevents washouts, and saves you the frustration of battling fertilizers to keep your lawn looking respectable. Technological developments have recently introduced new types of sod that provide even better results for the long term. While no one type of sod will be completely perfect, you can carefully select a sod that addresses your most common problems and is trusted for long use.
Sods are also a wonderful replacement for ugly lawns because they grow easier (with minimal maintenance aside from watering) on poor soils.
A recent favorite, Empire Zoysia, endures droughts like a champ, which is especially important with unpredictable Southern weather. Empire’s slow growing, fine textured blades look and feel more like real grass, but it’s much easier to maintain.
Even better, Empire is resistant to chinch bugs. This means you can stop wielding your can of pesticides and trust that your sod will remain impermeable to pesky insects. This sod can also handle shade better than most sod variations and has a proven track record of remaining disease-free. Some other Zoysia sods have disease issues that will cause your entire lawn to need resodding, but not Empire.
Call a local sod professional to learn more about your sod options. Once you’ve made the switch you will find yourself admiring your lawn every day and wondering why you didn’t change to sod earlier.