Why Spring and Fall are the Best Times of Year to Lay Sod

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Why Spring and Fall are the Best Times of Year to Lay Sod

If you’re planning to purchase new sod for your property, you want to be sure you’re laying it at the best possible time to encourage a healthy transition. New sod requires special attention and care that, if not done correctly, can actually leave you with brown, crunchy, dead patches of sod that must be replaced. This adds extra time and expense to your project, not to mention the stress and headache of having to delay completion to wait for new sod installation.

It’s All About Temperature

Most sod varieties, especially the warm-weather sod varieties that we love to use here in Florida, can be installed successfully any time of year but Spring and Fall tend to be better months to install in if possible. The ideal temperature range for laying new sod is 55°-75°F. Anything below 40°F is too cold and anything above 85°F is too hot in a perfect scenario.  Laying sod when it is too cold or too hot outside can prevent your sod from properly rooting into the underlying ground.

Best Seasons to Lay New Sod

Mid to early spring and early to mid-fall offer the most days with temperatures in the ideal range for laying new sod. Winter can run the risk of temperatures dropping too low for optimal sod transplant. Late spring through the end of summer can bring scorching temperatures that are just too much stress for newly laid sod.

Florida’s Climate Brings Some Benefits

While spring and fall may be the best seasons to lay new sod in Florida, that doesn’t mean sod can’t be laid in winter or summer. Since it rarely drops below freezing here in Tampa Bay, it’s very possible for there to be enough days over 55°F in the winter for the sod to successfully establish. In the summer, while temperatures are often sky-high, there are periods of relief. So our best advice would be to check the weather forecast and plan your new sod installation accordingly.

High-Quality Sod in Tampa Bay

When you’re ready to install your new sod, trust the sod experts at Council Growers Sod in southern Hillsborough County to help you choose the best sod variety for your needs. Call us at (813) 633-8665 for advice, then order your sod online right on our website. If you choose delivery, we’ll harvest your order fresh and deliver it right to your door on the day you intend to install, ensuring that you’re working with the freshest sod possible.