Why Perennial Peanuts Are an Ideal Groundcover for Florida Lawns

Perennial Peanuts

Perennial Peanuts

Even with our tropical climate, warm temperatures, and ample humidity in Florida, keeping a lush and green lawn all year long can be difficult. Some areas of grass may get just too much sun or virtually no water, inhibiting the growth of traditional grass varieties. So, how can you get these problem areas to look just as nice as the rest of your lawn?

Well, say hello to perennial peanut sod!

Perennial peanut looks great year-round

If you’ve never seen perennial peanut sod, you should definitely check it out! It’s not what you might think of when you hear the word, “groundcover”. 

With cheerful yellow flowers that bloom almost all year here in central Florida, passersby may mistake this groundcover for an intentional flower bed. With proper care, perennial peanuts stay at about 4” in height and don’t spread too aggressively from their boundaries. 

Want even more blooms? Just give it a quick mow down to about 3” in height, and watch these little beauties flourish!

Perennial peanut sod is low-maintenance

Once established, perennial peanuts require no supplemental irrigation or any nitrogen or phosphorus fertilizer. There’s no need to pay attention to watering or fertilizer restrictions in your area if you cover everything with this slow-growing beauty. Consider it for areas with high sun exposure, where your automatic sprinkler system doesn’t reach, yards that significantly drain into nearby water sources, or locations with very strict watering and fertilizer restrictions.

Perennial peanut sod has no known pests, so you can ditch the hazardous insecticides! Just be sure to occasionally pull up breakthrough weeds by hand to keep it looking its best.

No watering, fertilizing, or pest control is heavily required. But, that’s not even the best part. Perennial peanut sod… wait for it …requires NO MOWING! Yes, you read that right! You can enjoy those perky, yet undemanding little yellow flowers with virtually no mowing at all! Just keep the borders edged up to contain its expansion (if you desire) and you’re good to go!

Perennial peanut sod is versatile

Perennial peanuts look great covering an entire yard, but they are also a great landscaping tool. Use this sod to fill in around trees, decorative rocks and boulders, and even flower bed borders. It establishes roots deep, even in tight spaces.

Perennial peanut sod is tough

While we enjoy lots of benefits from the plentiful Florida sunshine, sometimes the sun can be a little much for our lawns. Add in the sandy soil, brackish water table, and salt spray, and well, you’ve got some areas where traditional sod varieties just won’t thrive. 

This is not the case with perennial peanut sod. 

This understated groundcover is perfect for all of those places where the sun is just too intense for typical grass growth. It does well with salt in both the air and water, so it’s popular for coastal homes! The only place this sod does not thrive is in the shade.

Perennial peanut sod also stands up well to infrequent foot traffic, but anything heavier than that will need stepping stones or pavers to prevent damage.

Perennial peanut sod prevents erosion

The effects of human development on our environment are undeniable, and erosion in coastal areas is one of the most visible results. The regular watering and fertilizing required in traditional lawn care programs is a contributing factor to these erosion issues.

Perennial peanut sod is a great tool to combat this on coastal properties. The deep roots of the perennial peanut plant prevent erosion, even in sandy areas, when planted at the highest point and are allowed to grow downward. 

These erosion-prevention benefits have not gone unnoticed. Highway maintenance crews use perennial peanuts on highway medians, embankments, and easements to keep these structures sound and lessen road maintenance costs!

Start enjoying the Florida sun while relaxing in your lounger instead of riding on your mower with perennial peanut sod from Council Growers Sod in Tampa Bay. We grow three varieties of perennial peanut: EcoTurf, Brooksville 67, and Brooksville 68, so we’ll have the right fit for your specific needs. We cut all of our sod fresh to order, then deliver it right to your front door that same day! You will never have to deal with old, dried-out sod dragging down your curb appeal again. Contact us to order your perennial peanut sod today!