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Are You Aware of the Drawbacks of Artificial Turf?

If the natural grass in your yard doesn’t offer the aesthetic appeal that you want, you may find yourself considering alternative methods of lawn covering like sod or artificial turf. Sod is known for its many benefits like curb appeal and durability, but artificial turf is not an equally viable option. Before you consider using artificial turf for your yard, make yourself aware of the following drawbacks.

Artificial Turf Is Expensive!

Price is always an important factor in home renovation decisions, and the price of artificial turf doesn’t help to make it any more appealing. In addition to a high price per square foot, artificial turf also poses extra installation costs like grass removal, ground preparation, and drainage. If you have a large property, these costs will add up very quickly and cause your renovation project to become a much larger investment than you predicted.

Artificial Turf Poses Environmental and Health Consequences

Since artificial turf is created from man-made materials, it automatically poses a number of significant challenges. First, artificial turf often contains latex, a known allergen, and plasticizers that release potentially harmful contaminants when they break down. Some plasticizers are even linked to causing kidney, lung, and liver problems. Other chemicals that leach out of artificial turf can include arsenic, cadmium, lead, and carcinogens like PAHs.

Furthermore, artificial turf can’t cool the environment like natural turf. It also isn’t capable of filtering air or water pollutants. All of this leads to heavy runoff after rainfall that contaminates nearby surfaces. Unfortunately, artificial grass can also accumulate fungus and bacteria since it does not have a biological means to eliminate germs like natural grass. This places your family at higher risk of infection if you don’t scrub away pet waste with soap and devote your time to other cumbersome maintenance routines.

Sod Looks Better!

Of course, the appearance of artificial turf simply cannot compare to the natural and appealing look of fresh sod. Weeds can sprout through the turf very easily and ruin the yard’s entire appearance. Sod, which is real, natural grass grown on a farm and installed into your yard, is a far better option. Council Growers Sod, the closest sod farm to Tampa, Florida, provides the highest quality grass for your home. Call (813) 633-866 today to learn more.