When Should You Lay Sod?


If you’re determined to equip your yard with the perfect green grass, you may have turned to sod for your solution. Especially in the south, lush green grass doesn’t always grow naturally. But when is the best time to lay sod so that it will root without stress and continue to grow into the Home and Garden lawns you are so eager to duplicate? You have quite a few options from which to choose, as long as you avoid peak summer heat and winter frost!

The Ground Rules


Regardless of the time of year, sod should always be harvested within one day of its use, then laid down during its growing season. You want all of the energies and nutrients of the sod to channel into establishing roots in the new soil, not fighting off stress and terrible weather.


Whether spring, early summer, or early fall, your sod needs to lay on a firmed layer of rich topsoil or compost that is evenly moist, but not soaking wet!




This is a favorite time of year to lay sod. Once the threat of any frost has long disappeared, the mild temperatures and likely rain work to nurture the sod and successfully establish its roots. Sod rooted in the spring can grow to its potential without risk of drying out. By the time your friends arrive for your annual Memorial Day party, guests and kids alike can walk on your new grass without threatening its health.


Early Summer


It’s still completely possible to lay sod in early summer, but maintaining even moisture is key throughout the establishment period. The sod’s edges and seams absolutely can’t dry out, but they can’t become too soggy either. Unless you live near the tropics, watering every three days for one month usually does the trick.




This is a beautiful time of year as the trees begin to change colors and the air cools itself down a bit. As long as you begin early enough, your sod has plenty of time to plant roots before any winter frost poses a threat. Just be sure your sod remains evenly moist until the true cold weather hits.


There’s a trick to every season, and your sod professional can help guide you through it with success.