Four Methods of Weed Management

The best method of weed management is prevention, but what do you do when that fails? Protecting your sod from weeds is vital to its survival and aesthetic features, so it is important that you utilize weed management.

Here are the four main methods of weed management:

Mowing: Preventing Seed Spread

Mowing your lawn is a great way to kill most types of annual weeds. If you mow your lawn before weed seed head creation, it will also lower the number of weed seeds distributed in your lawn. Don’t over-mow your lawn, however, as a thick, shady lawn will prevent future weed growth.

Pulling: Killing the Roots

If you only have a few weeds in your lawn or yard, pulling them by hand is a viable option. By pulling the weed out by the root, you are successfully killing it and preventing it from re-growing. However, if you have a large weed problem, pulling will be time consuming and ineffective.

Smothering: Blocking Sunlight

You can smother weeds with a nonliving type of material that does not permit sunlight to reach the weeds. Smothering can be very effective in specific areas of your lawn and yard like paths, nurseries, and flowerbeds. Be careful, though, that you do not also smother your sod or flowers along with the weeds!

Herbicide: Chemically Killing

An herbicide is any kind of chemical that is used to kill or injure a plant. Herbicides, or weed killers, are very effective if used correctly. Always follow the directions when using herbicides to avoid dangerous side effects or contaminations. Apply herbicide prior to seed head formation to prevent future growth and spreading.

Use any of the above methods of weed maintenance to keep your lawn and sod safe and beautiful! Be sure to always follow instructions and read warning labels to ensure safety and effectiveness.