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Your Guide to Selecting a Drought-Tolerant Sod Grass

If you are ready to invest in new sod for your yard, you want to ensure that the grass can withstand Florida’s harsh summer weather and drought conditions. Fortunately, there are a number of drought-tolerant sods from which you can choose. A sod’s level of drought tolerance indicates how well it can survive extended periods of dry weather. This quality should remain one of your highest priority while you select your new sod, especially given Florida’s climate.

Empire Zoysia

Empire Zoysia turf is known for its drought tolerance and remains a favorite for homeowners year after year. This sod actually has the ability go dormant during unusually dry weather without permanently damaging itself for future growth. Though Empire Zoysia loses its color during drought, it remains healthy enough to return to its beautiful, lush, dark green color once water is applied regularly. This ability differs from another popular sod choice, St. Augustine, which does remain greener for a longer period of time during a drought but cannot return to health after it turns brown in harsh conditions.

Celebration Bermuda

Celebration Bermuda sod is another drought tolerant favorite known for its dark blue-green color that creates the appearance of a golf course. However, unlike golf courses that require extensive amounts of maintenance and watering, Celebration Bermuda can actually survive months in drought conditions. In fact, drought studies in San Antonio, Texas found that Celebration Bermuda sod was the top rated grass after no irrigation and no rainfall for 60 days!

For more help and comprehensive information about the different types of sod and their ability to withstand drought over the summer, call (813) 633-8665 to speak to an expert at Council Growers Sod in Tampa Bay. The Council family has been farming in the Tampa Bay area for four generations, so when you purchase from Council Growers Sod, you know that experts have overseen the growth of your grass from start to finish. You can work with them to select the drought-tolerant sod that will thrive in your yard for years to come.