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Top 3 Benefits of Purchasing Sod from a Farm

The quality of your grass contributes significantly to the overall curb appeal of your home or business. In the hot and often harsh Florida climate, installing sod is the best way to ensure a green, healthy, and attractive lawn. However, you don’t want to source your sod from a supplier that will cut corners. In order to obtain the very best sod for your yard, be sure to purchase from a company that delivers straight from the farm, like Council Growers Sod in Tampa, Florida.

Farm Sod Is As Fresh As It Gets

There are far too many companies selling sod that are merely interested in brokering a deal and making a profit. If you order from that type of company, you are virtually guaranteeing that you will receive low-quality sod that won’t meet your needs. Sod ordered directly from the farm, on the other hand, is carefully and lovingly grown until the minute that it is ready to be harvested and delivered straight to your home or business. It is still perfectly fresh, like eating a cookie straight out of the oven.

Support a Local Business and Save Money

When you buy directly from a local sod farm, you reap the benefits yourself while also helping a local business succeed. Farmers make their own living, and every purchase helps to put food on their own table and support their families. Rather than using your hard-earned money at a big box store or large retailer, invest in a small business that will take the extra time to deliver truly excellent customer service. Of course, a local farm can also charge lower freight fees and save you money!

Benefit From In-Depth Knowledge and Support

Farmers don’t arrive in the morning, swipe a time clock, and leave after an eight hour shift. Instead, they pour all of their time, energy, and effort into cultivating their sod farms and growing the highest-quality sod possible. The Council family of Council Growers Sod, for instance, has been in the farming industry for four generations. Each expert at Council Growers Sod possesses a deep understanding of sod and is committed to growing sod that will allow you to maintain a perfect, beautiful lawn.

If you’re ready to improve your property’s curb appeal with the best sod in the area, call Council Growers Sod at (813) 633-8665 today.