Is Frost Damaged Grass Ok To Use?

So your neighbor’s yard is still green and the new sod you are getting will be brown…


This time of year it is quite normal to see brown sod being laid. Psychologically it is tough to convince yourself that the grass being laid is healthy and will be nice and green in the spring, but it will. At Council Growers Sod, we grow our sod in the outlying areas that tend to get a bit colder than your Tampa Bay yard, why? Our fields are not surrounded by big trees or roads or heat generating homes or businesses so we are more apt to get frost in our fields on a cold still night. This does not harm the turf in the long run.


There are some companies that actually paint their fields or bring in grass from another region this time of year to provide their clients with lush green sod. We do not do this, this tends to run your cost up and non native soils tend to not acclimate to your yard as well as local soils.


So brown sod can still be fresh, healthy sod! Give us a call and we will let you know how our color is and you can choose to wait or go ahead with your sod project. Either way, we promise you’ll be satisifed with the end result. Happy New Year!