Sodding in Cooler Months Is Ideal in Florida

Many people think of spring and summer as the best time to plant sod. But in reality, one of the best times to plant sod is in the cooler months of October and beyond. The cooler months give sod a lot of advantages in taking root and growth. If you are from the North, you might think that it is much too late to plant sod. But in central Florida, it is an ideal time.

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Cooler Temperatures

The cooler temperatures in October and later mean that your sod is less prone to disease and rot. The high heat of summer and early fall is really too hot for new sod because the heat will stress the turf. The few cold fronts that are coming in now and during the next few months make it the ideal time to plant sod.

Lower Humidity

High humidity such as during the spring and summer months can lead to diseased turf that may have root rot, and the turf might be difficult to keep at the right moisture level due to the moisture in the air. During October and the months following, the humidity is much lower, and these risks do not pose a threat to your new turf.

Occasional Rains

The cold fronts that come through in October and November also tend to come with some rain. The more rain you get during the planting of your sod, the less your irrigation bills will be while you are waiting for the roots to take hold in the soil. By the time the occasional rains stop, your sod will be well seeded and ready for the winter.

If you are ready to get new sod but thought it was too late in the year, contact us today for more information about how we can help.