Prepare Your Lawn for the Holiday Season with Fresh Sod

Is your lawn less than perfect for the holidays? When the holiday season rolls around, you always try to make your home look as inviting as possible for your guests, friends, and family. Often the lawn is overlooked because people assume that winter is a bad time to plant sod. In reality, this is the perfect time of year to install new sod on your lawn and make it look perfect for your family get togethers.

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Decreased Risk of Disease

Whenever you plant fresh sod in your yard in the summertime, you run the risk of the sod developing disease, fungus, or mold. This is due to the high temperatures and high humidity. During November through February, it is a great time to plant sod because the temperatures are cooler and there isn’t much humidity or precipitation to speak of.

Easier to Maintain

Fresh sod does require some maintenance in order for it to take root and flourish. You have to make sure that it is getting the right amount of water, not too much or too little. During these winter months, you have a lot more control over how your sod takes root and is cared for. You can adjust your watering schedule to accommodate any occasions of rain. But for the most part, you will have control over the moisture going into your sod.

Quick and Easy

Installing fresh sod in your yard is quick and easy. We can install fresh sod in a very short period of time. The sod is grown on our farms and is ready to look beautiful once installed at your home. Your guests will never know that it is new sod, but it will look and feel great to any who walk upon it.

If you are ready to get fresh sod for your lawn, contact us today for more information or to get started.