The Proper way to Fertilize ProVista Sod

Proper way to FertilizeOne of the beautiful things about Scotts ProVista St. Augustine sod is that it uses 20% less fertilizer when properly maintained. If you are looking at fertilizing several acres of lawn, 20% less fertilizer can add up to a lot of savings each year.

Once your sod has established roots, usually 4-6 weeks after installation, you’ll want to start fertilizing on a schedule. Fertilize your Scotts ProVista St. Augustine lawn three times each year, in the early spring, early summer, and mid to late fall. Keeping Tampa area fertilizer restrictions in mind, be sure to apply the summer fertilizer before June 1 each year, and don’t apply the fall fertilizer until after September 30. Scotts recommends the following schedule and products:

  • Early spring – Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple Action
  • Early summer – Scotts Turf Builder Ultra Feed
  • Mid-late fall – Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple Action

Apply whatever fertilizer you choose according to the manufacturer’s directions. If you’re unsure of how a fertilizer product will affect your lawn, try it out on a small patch first. If the patch is still lush and green a day or two after application, it’s likely safe to proceed with the remainder of the yard. Trust your gut in these situations and don’t risk ruining your lawn with budget fertilizer. Your lawn is an investment in your property and can be quite expensive to fix. For best results, only use Scotts products and follow all their recommendations.

Scotts also has a nifty My Lawn app that reminds you when to do crucial lawn maintenance and what products to use. If you have a hard time remembering to complete lawn care tasks, this app may be just what you need.

Limiting fertilizer use is especially important for those of us living near the Gulf of Mexico. Everyone in Tampa Bay knows that untreated fertilizer runoff causes undesirable algae growth, which is harmful to native marine life. Most fertilizer use is restricted in Tampa from June 1 to September 30 to stop this toxic imbalance. Fertilizing during this restricted time can result in fines, court costs, and a lot of hassle.

Are you ready to install beautiful, thick, vibrant ProVista St. Augustine sod in your yard? Trust the professionals at Council Growers Sod to deliver the freshest sod possible right to your door. Our sod comes directly from the farm and is as fresh as possible to ensure good root establishment. Call us at (813) 633-8665 or visit for more information on Scotts ProVista St. Augustine sod.