How Long Can My Sod Sit on a Pallet?

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My Sod Sit on a PalletPurchasing enough sod to redo your entire lawn can be a hefty investment. The last thing you’d want is for all that rich green sod to wilt and die before you even lay it down. Timing the delivery of your sod is crucial to prevent stress on the grass. Receiving it too early will leave it vulnerable to heat and drying out while receiving it too late will throw your project schedule off. Whether it’s early or late, ill-timed delivery of sod takes cash right out of your pocket. So when exactly should you schedule that delivery?

The answer is somewhat straightforward. In most cases, don’t allow your pallets of sod to sit for any longer than 24 hours from being picked to being installed, and that’s assuming ideal conditions. Choose a cooler, overcast day for sod installation if possible, as this reduces the stress on the grass. If the weather is exceptionally hot or dry, be sure to install the sod as soon as it arrives and moisten the area where you intend to put it before laying it down.

Spring is the best time to install sod for warm-weather grasses like those that grow well in Florida, like St. Augustine or Zoysia grass. Early autumn is the next best time. If you do install sod in the dead heat of summer, do it as quickly as possible. Never allow sod pallets to sit in the hot summer sun too long, or you can kiss your beautiful new lawn goodbye.

In Florida, we have more hot days than not, so you may have no choice but to install your new sod on a hot, dry day. You always want sod that’s freshly harvested, but it’s especially important to start with the freshest sod if it’s hot or dry on installation day. The best way to ensure you’re getting the freshest, healthiest sod is to order directly from a grower, like Council Growers Sod in Tampa. 

Purchase your sod through a third party, like a plant nursery, and there’s no way to know how long your sod has sat at the nursery before it reaches your home. Prolonged stays at retailers dry out your sod and deplete it of critical nutrients. At Council Growers Sod, we deliver all orders straight from our farm to your door, bringing you high-quality sod from Tampa Bay’s premier sod producer. Visit us at to schedule your timely sod delivery today!