Do I need an sprinkler system for my new grass?

sprinkler system
sprinkler system

Do I need an sprinkler system for my new grass?

Now that you’ve got that gorgeous new sod installed, it’s all about keeping it looking great. After buying the sod,  you may be tempted to cut costs by skipping the automatic sprinklers and watering everything by hand instead. Don’t do it! Automatic sprinklers protect your investment and keep your yard looking healthy and green all year. Automatic sprinkler systems are worth the extra cost because:

  • They keep your lawn beautiful all year.

You don’t have to settle for a brown, patchy lawn during the hotter months of the year. Adequate watering at the proper time is essential to keeping your grass green, rich, and dense all year long. You paid a lot for that lawn, so give your investment the care it needs to look its best!

During the hottest months, your lawn needs about ¾” of water, twice per week, spread evenly around the entire yard. During cooler months, just one watering per week is necessary, and refrain from watering during periods of rain. Properly watered lawns will be uniformly moist with water, which is hard to do with a hand sprayer. A professional landscaper can strategically place sprinklers around your yard to provide even, consistent coverage. If you’re unsure how much water your lawn is getting when hand-watered, you can easily test it for yourself. Place some empty tuna cans randomly around your yard and hand water as you regularly would. Do all the cans have an even ¾e” of water in them? If not, you will benefit from an automatic sprinkler system.

  • They save you time and labor.

No one wants to go out in the heat after a long day at work and hand-water the lawn. Time is much better spent with friends or family, relaxing and having fun. Depending on your situation with work or school or both, you may not have time to go out and water the lawn as it needs. Having a reliable, well-designed sprinkler system is doing yourself a favor by recognizing that your time is valuable and limited.

  • They increase your home’s value.

This one might sound a little crazy, but think about how much better your curb appeal will be with a fresh, ultra-green yard all year. While your neighbors are dealing with crabgrass, sand spurs, chinch bugs, and dull, brittle grass, your lawn will still be just as gorgeous as ever. Since healthy, natural lawns help prevent weeds and pests, along with keeping your home cooler and your HOA happy, they are a great selling point if you do ever decide to sell your home. Having an automatic sprinkler system makes keeping your lawn in peak condition almost effortless.

  • They save water.

Many people mistakenly believe that automatic sprinkler systems use more water than watering by hand, but this is not true. When watering by hand, it is very difficult to know precisely how much water you’ve used. Not so with a modern sprinkler system! Modern sprinkler systems are built to conserve water by regulating output, operating on a timer, and sensing when it is raining or the ground is too moist. With all the advances in technology, sprinkler systems will only get more intelligent from here on out.

The cost of installing an automatic sprinkler system is negligible when you compare it to the cost and labor of replacing patches of dead, diseased grass. When lawns can cost thousands of dollars, it doesn’t make sense to let your hard-earned money wilt away and die. Using an automatic sprinkler system takes the hassle out of daily lawn care and just makes sense.