Adjusting Your Watering Schedule for Higher Soil Moisture

From late summer to November, Tampa lawns get a ton of extra moisture. Not only do you have more humidity in the air in the late summer and early fall, but you also have much more rain. Severe storms or even hurricanes are almost commonplace in Florida. 

With all of the rain that you get this time of year, it is important to make sure that you’re not overwatering your lawn. You need to adjust your sprinkler system according to the weather. Most of the summer it will rain at least a few times per week, and you may not need to water at all. 

Here are some things to keep in mind as you adjust your watering schedule.

Adjusting for Weather

As long as you are getting rain at least twice per week, you don’t need to irrigate your lawn during the rainy season. However, if you don’t get rain at all for a week, you’ll need to water twice with your sprinklers. You don’t want to wait until your grass has been without water for a week, so keeping an eye on the forecast and planning adjustments in advance is a good idea.

Being Flexible in Your Irrigation System

If you have a large tree or other landscape features that shade your lawn, you may still need to water these areas. Sweeping tree limbs can prevent the rain from reaching the grass. Most decent sprinkler systems allow you to adjust it to only irrigate those areas.

High Tech Irrigation

The easiest way to manage your lawn’s irrigation is through new technology designed for the purpose. The sprinkler system is connected to your smartphone or tablet, where you can program it according to your needs. By telling the system where you are, some of them can even monitor the weather for you.

Sensors in the sprinklers detect when the ground has sufficient or excess moisture, and they will automatically adjust to avoid watering in that area. That is particularly helpful for during the summer months when humidity can be high but there is no precipitation.

By using these high tech sprinkler systems, you’ll be able to completely automate your irrigation system. You will get alerts any time it needs your attention, and the rest of the time you can focus your attention elsewhere.