Is Weed Control Necessary For Sod ?

Is Weed Control Necessary For Sod?

You stare out at your flawless new sod, feeling proud and satisfied. Soon, you begin to wonder whether your grass will always look so impeccable. What about weeds? Will they invade your sod? The fact is that weeds will probably pop up in your new lawn at some point. They can result from dormant seeds already in the ground or seeds that are brought in by birds or wind. Luckily, a few simple guidelines can keep your grass looking great!


Tips to Keep Your Grass Weed Free

The first step to keeping your grass looking pristine is properly caring for it from the beginning. Follow the mowing, watering, and fertilizing instructions for your type of sod explicitly. Thick, healthy grass proves to be stiff competition for pesky weeds. Despite your best efforts, you still may have some weeds emerge. Once your sod is thoroughly rooted (usually after 3-4 mowings), you may consider using a chemical remedy.


Not All Herbicides Are Created Equal

Herbicides are chemicals you can add to your grass to prevent or kill weed infestations. To use these products effectively, it is important to understand their varied uses.


Pre-Emergent Herbicides—These products are formulated to control weeds as they germinate from seeds. Typically, they are first applied in late winter or early spring. They are highly effective on grassy weeds, such as crabgrass, which are much more difficult to kill after germination.


Post-Emergent Herbicides—These products are formulated to control weeds after they have germinated and are visible in your lawn. Most broadleaf weeds can be controlled effectively on an as-needed basis using one of these products.

Herbicides can be very effective if used properly. It is important to note than many of them will only be effective if used within a certain temperature range, so read the labels carefully.


Professional Help Is Available

Would you rather leave it to the pros? Contact Council Growers Sod today to learn how we can help you achieve the perfect lawn with our sod care guidelines.