Sod Installation In Tampa Bay

Don’t risk ruining your new sod with improper installation… let the experts at Council Growers Sod handle the dirty work for you! We’ve learned a thing or two about installing sod over the years, and we’d love to share our knowledge and passion for creating beautiful lawns with everyone. That’s why we’re pleased to offer comprehensive sod installation services for all of our Tampa Bay customers. BENEFITS OF PROFESSIONAL SOD INSTALLATION BY COUNCIL GROWERS SOD
  • Protects your investment
  • Ensures gorgeous results that boost curb appeal and your home’s value
  • Faster than DIY
  • Experienced layout planning to reduce waste and save money
  • Fewer issues with hitting utility lines
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • The skilled sod installation team that handles every aspect of installation, from site prep to follow-up care
  • Sod delivery and installation on the same day
  • Low 400 square foot minimum
  • Freshest, healthiest sod in Tampa Bay because we have the closest sod fields to the area
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Support and guidance from initial purchase to full lawn establishment
  • Saves you time to spend on things that are most important to you
  • We’re licensed and insured
SCHEDULE SOD INSTALLATION TODAY For more information, or to schedule your sod installation appointment today, call us at (813) 633-8665 or contact us online.  We can help you plan your new lawn — from choosing the right sod variety to installation to proper care and maintenance, and everything in between!