Ongoing Maintenance For Your New Grass

You’ve made an investment in your yard and have been diligent about getting your new sod established so now it’s time to make sure you keep that investment healthy and looking nice so you can get out there and enjoy it! First and foremost, we highly recommend you hire a professional to maintain your yard. We’d all like to think that we’re going to take the time to keep the yard in ship shape. While we have good intentions, (and may even like doing it!) the truth is that we’re all busy and often times the yard is one of the first things we neglect when life gets in our way! Taking care of a lawn in Florida can be a challenge even for the most dedicated during various times of the year. A good lawn and pest control company will know how to take care of your specific type of sod and will have a specially laid out plan to prevent and control weeds, fungus, insects and fertilize your grass so it is beautiful and healthy for years to come. Our customers in the Tampa Bay area have told us that they have found the smaller lawn care companies, like Green Solutions, to offer better service and care than some of the larger chains. You might also ask your neighbors with a nice looking yard for a referral to their pest control lawn service.

Information About New Sod Care

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