Seven Secrets of a Beautiful Sod Lawn

Caring for sod is not as hard as you might think! From fertilization and watering to cutting and weed prevention, you can easily have a beautiful and well-maintained lawn!

Here are seven secrets for a beautiful and successful sod lawn:

Choose the Right Sod for Your Area

Here in Florida, we need tough sod that can withstand heat and moisture, like Bermuda, Zoysia, or St. Augustine. Choose a sod that you like, but one that will also thrive in our climate.

Corn Gluten Meal

Corn gluten meal is a bi-product of cornstarch and is a natural weed killer! It will kill existing weeds and prevent new ones without damaging your sod or the environment,

Cut Sod to the Right Height

Do not overcut your sod! If it is too short, the sod will actually grow faster and be unhealthy. Your sod should be a minimum of two inches after you cut it.

Feed Your Sod

Florida sod needs three equal fertilizations between early and late summer. If you have a mulching mower, use less fertilizer, but if you don’t, use more.


Most Florida sod lawns need an inch of water every week, either from rain or from your garden hose. Water your lawn twice a week to a ¾ of an inch depth.

Ask the Experts

Your area will have lawn and sod experts, either through the state or county, who can provide you with site-specific tips for your sod. From when to water and what sod to use to the best fertilizer for the soil, use the experts!

Try, Try Again

If you make a mistake with your sod, don’t be afraid to start over! Trying to repair irreparable sod is much harder than starting again with new sod.

Use these seven tips for the best sod!