Even with a Sandy Base, You Can Install Sod in Your Yard

Your yard plays a major role in the first impression that visitors and neighbors make of your home. Even if the exterior and interior of your home are beautiful and immaculate, a brown and dilapidated lawn will severely tarnish the overall image of your property. Fortunately, you don’t have to simply live with and accept an unattractive lawn. Installing new sod offers a quick, simple, and efficient way to dramatically enhance your landscape and secure a healthy, green yard.


It is important to remember that sod doesn’t just roll out like carpet. It relies upon healthy, rich soil underneath in order to grow. So how can you install sod in your yard if the base of your yard resembles sand more than soil? Don’t worry, it’s still possible!


Evaluate the Sand


Before your purchase and install your sod, perform a soil test on the section of yard you will cover with sod. Though you will identify the ground as being sandy, the soil test will still identify which nutrients the sand contains and which it lacks. Using this information, you can properly enhance the sand to hold the nutrients and proper pH needed by fresh sod.


Improve Your Sand


Using a garden tiller or tractor tiller, break up the top six inches of your yard’s surface. Eliminate debris, weeds, and rocks, then add the soil nutrients that your sand needs. You will most likely need nitrogen as well as other core components of soil. Since sand is notorious for shedding water before proper root development can take place, you want to improve your sand’s porosity by covering the entire area with 2 inches of compost and 2 inches of rich topsoil. Bring the tiller back out to mix everything together, then smooth the surface completely. Right before you will have your sod installed, water the sand and soil surface with a fine mist of water to help the sod latch to the ground.


Preparing any yard surface for sod, especially sandy surfaces, can be an enormous undertaking. This is why Council Growers Sod delivers and installs your sod for you. The sod comes fresh from the farm, and then the team at Council Growers completes the installation process to ensure the best results. If you’re ready to finally enjoy a beautiful green lawn on your own property, give them a call today at 813-633-8665.