If you are a homeowner or property owner in Sun City Center, you have a lot of options for revamping your landscaping. Of all of your options for new sod, choosing a locally grown sod that can be installed quickly after harvest is the best way to ensure that you end up with a healthy and lush lawn for years to come.

Our Locally Grown Varieties

Our fresh sod is locally grown on our Tampa area farms. The sod is harvested when it is ordered and is transported quickly to your Sun City Center location. We offer many different grass varieties for you to choose from, all grown in the best soil that is common to this region of Florida. As such, our varieties such as Scott’s Provista St. Augustine are best suited for your Sun City Center property.

Other varieties we offer include:

  • Different varieties of St. Augustine
  • Celebration Bermuda, and other Bermuda grasses
  • Perennial peanut
  • Empire Zoysia

If you aren’t sure which variety is best for you, we can evaluate your property’s soil and landscape features, as well as discuss your needs and maintenance requirements so that we can assist you in choosing the perfect grass variety for your lawn.

Fresh Sod Installation in Sun City Center

Your fresh sod installation is actually a very easy process. Our locally grown fresh sod is harvested shortly before it will be installed in your Sun City Center lawn. Once at your property, the sod is simply laid out over the soil, with cuts and adjustments made for landscape features like bushes, trees, and garden plots. The entire installation typically takes less than a day.

If you are ready to purchase locally grown fresh sod in your Sun City Center property, contact us today.