How to Remove Sod from Your Yard

Adding a garden to your yard cannot only add a bit of style and beauty to your yard, it can increase the value of your property. Creating a garden bed or two in your yard can be easy to do yourself. With just a few tools and these easy tips, you’ll be on your way to enjoying a beautiful garden with your family.

There are two easy ways to install a garden in your yard. If you are thinking about turning an area of your lawn into a garden bed, you can make use of two easy methods. One will require a little bit more sweat than the other one, however.

Digging Up Your Sod

This method of removing sod produces quick results and enables you to begin planting in your garden immediately! However, this will be the more labor-intensive method of removing sod. Be prepared for sore muscles! If your sod is in good condition after removal, you can use it elsewhere in your yard to replace problem spots.

• Water the Area – Be sure to water the area you plan on turning into sod for a few days before beginning your project. You will want to keep your sod moist, but try to keep it from getting soggy.
• Cut Your Sod – Using an edger or other sharp tool, cut your sod into strips that are one foot wide and one to two feet in length. The size of your pieces will depend largely on the density of your turf. Shake loose any soil into the bed.
• Inspect Your Soil – Don’t start picking out flowers just yet! You’re going to want to inspect your soil. You want to give your new flowers a healthy place to grow and thrive. Check for and destroy any pests. Remove any stones and remaining clumps of grass. If your soil seems compacted, be sure to aerate.

Till Your Sod

Breaking up sod with a tiller is much easier than digging it up, but you are going to have to wait a bit longer before you start planting. You’re going to want to choose a tiller with a heavy rear tine unit. Smaller tillers are fine for previously worked gardens, but you’re going to want to use something more substantial for this job.

Simply mark off the section of yard you want to turn into a bed and till the earth. You can technically plant a tilled bed immediately, but tilling the earth can bring weed seeds to the surface. We advise that you wait a few weeks and see what weeds pop up. You can remove them and be sure that your garden is weed free and ready for planting!

Follow these easy steps to remove sod to make room for a garden in your yard. A garden can be rewarding and provide a backdrop for memories for years! Consider this easy home improvement project for your family!