In Defense of Grass

In Defense of Grass

It is a fiercely debated topic in environmental circles—should grass replace native plants? Truthfully, it comes down to personal preference. You should make the decision that gives you the look you desire for your outdoor space. If it is important to you to maintain ecofriendly landscaping, you can feel comfortable with your choice to use sod. It’s a green choice in more ways than one.

Proper Lawn Care Conserves Water

One of the most widely used arguments against sod is that it is an irresponsible waste of water. In fact, properly watered grass often uses less water than native plants do. While grass does require more irrigation, it is common for native plants to use more water than grass due to the access to water provided by the depth of their roots. In addition, many varieties of sod are engineered to enter a dormant state when water is scarce. In most parts of the country, a well-maintained lawn should not require more than 1” of water each week, including rainfall.

The Many Benefits of Growing Grass

Water conservation is not the only benefit grass has to offer. Here are some of the reasons grass is a smarter choice:

Efficient Oxygen Production—Due to its quick growth rate and the large overall surface area of its leaves, grass is much more efficient at producing oxygen than native plants are.

Nature’s Air Conditioner—Grass has an innate cooling effect. It draws moisture from the air to cool the area around it drastically.

Removes Air Pollution—Grass removes billions of tons of carbon from our air, along with disgusting pollutants such as sulfur dioxide.

Environmental Disaster Prevention—Grass has a much higher density than most native plants do, which provides greater erosion and fire protection.

Whether you decide to keep the native flora or bring in carefully selected sod, you can rest easy—the environment thanks you.

Make the Green Choice

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