Don’t Look to Big Box Stores for a Beautiful Lawn

Don’t Look to Big Box Stores for a Beautiful Lawn

Big box stores and large home improvement chains seem like one-stop shopping for your lawn at a reasonable price, but these low costs can come at the price of quality sod and grass. You can’t expect a store that specializes equally in power tools, sinks and gardening to have the same knowledge of sod and grass as a nursery or farm would.

The Advantages of Buying from Farms and Nurseries

When you look at the actual costs of purchasing sod and grass, while it may seem that big box stores are offering lower prices, you’re not getting the same quality product or variety as you’d get for a slightly higher price.

Large stores do sell higher quality sod and grass, which is different from their most commonly sold bulk products, but these prices are even if not more expensive than those of a farm or nursery. Those stores are getting their better products from wholesalers like nurseries and farms. To cut out the middle man, and the associated costs, buy direct.

Your lawn can be an important investment, and a good return on this investment starts when deciding which products to buy. Locally operated and owned wholesalers, nurseries and farmers are specialists. They know what type of sod and grass will do best with your lawn, lifestyle, climate and use.

The customer service and buying experience can’t be beat when you are working with farms and nurseries. Products can be selected specifically for you, not simply chosen from this week’s sod and grass delivery. You can develop a relationship that allows you to follow up with the same people for your future lawn care needs.

Farms and Nurseries Should Be Your Source for Sod and Grass

Large home improvement stores can be very convenient for your general household needs, but if you want to make a quality purchase for your lawn, you will definitely want to buy from a nursery or farm.